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Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Oscuro
Filler: Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers
Size: Robusto Larga 6″x54 ring

These ERDM’s are one of my most favorite cigars. I love these things. It is one of the very few cigars I will buy a box of. I had one of these that I bought about two and a half years ago. It has been sitting in the bottom of my humidor resting. I decided to smoke it this weekend and see how the extra humi time effected it.

When I smoke these fresh, I find that they have a peppery bite to them and they have a strong woody flavor with a long peppery finish. They also have a decent buzz factor too. This aged stick changed a lot and I was pleasantly surprised.

The peppery bite was gone. The cigar mellowed out quite a bit but was still very delicious. The strong woody flavors had changed over to a smoother more earthy flavor. It was fantastic and I loved the way it tasted. The finish changed too. If you have ever chewed a freshly roasted coffee bean, that is exactly what the finish on this cigar was like. It had a slightly bitter coffee taste that left a slight burning sensation on the tongue. Strength wise it mellowed out a bit too. The buzz factor was noticeably reduced but the flavors were so smooth and delicious, the loss in strength didn’t bother me.

I really like how well this cigar aged and I think I’m going to set aside a few more of these to age. It seems to be well worth the time.

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