Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian long-fillers
Size: Toro Grande 6″x52 ring
(for a detailed description of the points system I use please click here.)

Broke out one of my Cedros earlier then I planned to. Couldn’t wait to try one. I’m still trying to get a hang of describing the flavors of a cigar, but here’s my best shot…

Appearance – 6/10
The wrapper is a very nice Caramel Brown with small veins throughout. There were a few minor blemishes/color variations. The cigar was nice and firm except for one very small soft spot that happened to be in the same spot a light spot in the wrapper. It had a very nice cap that was a little longer than I am used to seeing, meaning it went a little further down the head than normal. This had a cool effect. After I cut the tip of the cap, the remaining portion created a pronounced and very cool looking ring around the head of the cigar. The cut was perfect, the filler tobacco bunched nicely with no rib veins visible in the head. The pre-light draw tasted of cedar. It was a medium draw, maybe just a little on the firm side of medium. Some one who likes a firmer draw may bum this section to an 8. I like my draw a little lighter.

Flavor – 16/20
The flavor was very consistent throughout. I thought this cigar was very much like a 5 Vegas Gold. It was smooth and mellow. It had a strong cedar flavor with a creamy…… toasted cereal/nut flavor. i don’t think that’s quite right but it is the best I can come up with to describe what I was tasting. About half way through I thought I detected a very subtle hint of licorice but it only lasted for a few puffs. Towards the end of the cigar I thought the flavors and the strength of the cigar increased. The whole time I was smoking this I was thinking this would be a great breakfast cigar, perfect with a good cup of coffee.

Smoking Characteristics – 7/10
The cigar lit nicely. The ash was firm and held it’s shape, and was a very nice light grey in color. Almost white. The burn wasn’t razor sharp but it stayed even enough. I just kept rotating the cigar as I smoked and I never had a problem, and never needed to make any manual corrections. The cigar produced plenty of nice white smoke and it had a short woody finish. No real buzz factor to speak of since this was a very mild cigar. Mild but very flavorful.

Price – 3/5.

I fell victim to my own impatience here. I jumped on this right away and paid $6 a cigar for these. A couple days later, CI comes out with a 15 for $35 deal that would have put them at just over $3 a stick. So for five bucks more I could have had 15 of these instead of 5. Sucks for me. Well the review system says to rate it on what you paid so I gotta go with the $6 price point here. If I only paid $3 a stick the cigar would have scored a 5 here. At $6 I can only rate it a 3. Slightly better than average deal.

The Math

SCORE = 71.1

This seems a little low to me, but like I said, at a better price this cigar would score a little higher. It’s also possible the blemishes in the wrapper on this stick were an aberration. I’d like to check the other four I have to compare, but the cedar wrap covers almost the whole cigar. If the blemishes I saw were an aberration the score on this would bump up into the upper 70’s. I really like this cigar. It reminds me a lot of the 5 Vegas Gold (another one of my favorites). I would not call it complex but it is definitely not boring. I thought it was a very nice, very flavorful mild cigar. I wish I was smart enough to wait and see if CI put them on special (like they did) so that I’d have more of them.

Very nice cigar Ernesto. I really enjoyed it.