NOTE:  This is an old scoring system that i do not use anymore.  Click here for the new ratings.

I decided that once and a while I might like to review a cigar and put a score to it. PMP is a moderator on the forum at PMP created a scoring system that is used for reviews on that board, and I am going to adopt it as my scoring system here. This system considers an average cigar to score about 50%. Keep this in mind since a cigar that scores in the 70’s is a very good, above average cigar. Only superb cigars are likely to score in the 80’s and 90’s. It works a bit different than the CA ratings. Here is how it works…

From PMP @ BlowinSmoke.Net:
I present for your reviewing pleasure the official blowin smoke rating scale. Obviously you should still feel free to use whatever scale you like. This is just a suggestion.

Rate the cigar on four categories:
10 points total for appearance and construction – this is solely based on the look and feel of the cigar prelight. Is it neat? Is the wrapper smooth? Are there any large veins? Is there a skillfully applied cap? Are there any spongy spots? Is the draw too tight/loose? etc…

20 points total for flavor – self explanatory

10 points total for smoking characteristics – does the cigar burn even? Is the ash firm? How powerful is the buzz factor? What is the finish like? etc…

5 points total for price – Is the cigar worth what you paid for it? 0 would denote a complete ripoff while 5 would denote a great bargain. This category is entirely subjective but then again, so is flavor or color or smell.
Then add the 4 categories up and divide by 4.5 to get the average of the four categories.

Then multiply by 10 to get points out of 100.
*Example – If a cigar rated a 39 total points.
39/4.5 = 8.6
8.6 x 10 = 86.6%

With this system you should expect significantly lower scores than with other systems that only use the 80-100 range. An average cigar should expect a 50%. So although it may seem low at first, it is actually more descriptively accurate.

Most of my reviews aren’t really reviews, but just my general impressions of a cigar, but once and a while I like to get a little more indepth. When I do, sometimes I’ll use this scoring system, sometimes I may be detailed but not use a score. It depends on my mood.