I don’t buy boxes of cigars very often, but recently I fell in love with the original Oliva Master Blend Robustos. After smoking one, I bought what was left in the box that my local B&M had out, about seven of them. A week later, he put out another box! I didn’t even know he had it. For those that don’t know, this is a limited production cigar from about 2 years ago that is very hard to find. Here was a whole box sitting there in the humidor. I tried to resist my compulsion to buy it because funds were tight. Well to my complete surprise, the box was still sitting there, and it was intact, after Christmas (two full weeks after he put it out). No one had bought a stick out of it yet. Armed with Christmas money that was gifted to me, I bought the box, so now I’m sitting on a full box of these MB’s. The box itself is beautiful. I’ll try to get a picture of it up soon. Anyway, the box is now safely tucked away in my coolerdor and the plan is to leave it there until 2007 so I can see how these wonderful cigars do with some more age on them. I am a very happy cigar smoker đŸ™‚