I smoked one of these a while back and was not overly impressed with it. You can find my thoughts here.

Cigar Envy has an update on this smoke that is a bit more favorable. Here’s an excerpt:

The December 2005 issue of Cigar Aficionado has another review of the Maria Guerrero Belicoso. This is a cigar that I reviewed here at Cigar Envy last month, rating it a 95.

They still rate the cigar a 90, remarking on its “perfect draw and even burn.” They also mention “light coffee, tea and cream notes,” and “a kick of black pepper and toast on the finish.”

My local shop is having a Maria Guerrero Event on December 14th. I’ll smoke another one then and see if my opinion changes any on this stick.

Update 12/14/2005 Maria Guerrero Tasting at TOC:

Well, I tried another Maria Guerrero tonight at the Altidas event at my local cigar shop. I am still not very impressed by this smoke. I found it to be bland and unremarkable. It’s smokeable when your given one for free, but there are much better choices available for your $5 – $8.