Don Diego 6.0×52 Thursday, Dec 15 2005 

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Dominican Long Filler
Size: Grande 6.0″x52 ring

This was a very smooth and enjoyable, mild smoke. The wrapper gleamed with oils and was slightly toothy with very few small veins throughout. It is a very pretty cigar. The flavor was woody and creamy. It created lots of thick white smoke. The burn was good. It stayed pretty even the whole way, about what you’d expect from a $5 stick. The ash was little loose and fell off easily. Overall it was a nice smoke but for my money, the 5 Vegas Gold is still the best mild smoke in this price range. Actually, the 5 Vegas Gold comes in a bit cheaper.

A. Fuente Hemingway Short Story 4.25×49 Thursday, Dec 8 2005 


Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Figurado 4.25″x49 Ring

Don’t let the name fool you. This cigar may be short in length, but it is not short on flavor. It’s also not a short smoke. I puffed on this thing for about an hour. This cigar burns slow and cool, and it creates lots of thick creamy smoke. The burn was near perfect and the ash was like cement. This shorty is wrapped in a beautiful dark brown Cameroon wrapper. It’s toothy and oily with few little veins running down it.

The cigar tasted wonderful. It left a slightly sweet taste on your lips. Smoking this cigar was kind of like drinking a cup of coffee with cream. It was creamy with a coffee like bitterness to it. The flavor was consistent throughout and I smoked it down to the nub. I highly recommend you try one. This was the first of the highly touted Hemingway series that I’ve tried and I was not disappointed. Next I think I am going to try one of the Signature Maduros.

Westin Hotels & Resorts Implements a Smoking Ban Tuesday, Dec 6 2005 

I know my previous post pointed to an article at Cigar Envy, but a new article he has up is such a good read, I feel compelled to let my visitors know about this one as well.

He has written some thoughts on the Westin Hotels & Resorts decision to institute a smoking ban in all of thier North American properties. Give this one a read when you get the chance.

Redux: Maria Guerrero Tuesday, Dec 6 2005 

I smoked one of these a while back and was not overly impressed with it. You can find my thoughts here.

Cigar Envy has an update on this smoke that is a bit more favorable. Here’s an excerpt:

The December 2005 issue of Cigar Aficionado has another review of the Maria Guerrero Belicoso. This is a cigar that I reviewed here at Cigar Envy last month, rating it a 95.

They still rate the cigar a 90, remarking on its “perfect draw and even burn.” They also mention “light coffee, tea and cream notes,” and “a kick of black pepper and toast on the finish.”

My local shop is having a Maria Guerrero Event on December 14th. I’ll smoke another one then and see if my opinion changes any on this stick.

Update 12/14/2005 Maria Guerrero Tasting at TOC:

Well, I tried another Maria Guerrero tonight at the Altidas event at my local cigar shop. I am still not very impressed by this smoke. I found it to be bland and unremarkable. It’s smokeable when your given one for free, but there are much better choices available for your $5 – $8.

An Interview with Christian Eiroa Monday, Dec 5 2005 

Cigar Aficionado has an interesting interview with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars. It’s a good read and definitely worth a gander if you are a fan of Camacho Cigars. You can find the article here.


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