Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sun-grown Brazilian Maduro
Filler: Piloto Cubano long filler
Size: Toro 6”x50 ring

This is my first attempt at an in depth review of a cigar. I really enjoyed doing it. I was amazed by the changes in the cigar and how the smoke developed as it progressed. I never took the time to do this before and I think it has given me a new, deeper appreciation for cigars.

The presentation of this cigar is very classy. It is dual banded with an off white Carlos Torano band with a copper border. The second band has the same color scheme with Carlos Torano’s autograph in copper. The foot is wrapped in cedar. It has a gorgeous dark brown maduro wrapper that is oily and slightly toothy. The wrapper has very small veins throughout. It appears very well constructed, firm with no soft spots. No veins were visible in the foot. The cap was slightly puckered and it clipped perfectly. No veins were visible in the head.

Pre Light:
This cigar has a nice cedar aroma almost certainly due to the cedar wrap on the foot. It had a medium draw and a woody/cedar taste. Again, I attribute this to the cedar wrap it was packaged in. I also detected a subtle spiciness.

1st third-
It lit perfectly and easily with lots of thick white smoke. It was spicy during the light. It had an easy to medium draw. After it was lit I immediately tasted lots of cedar and a peppery spiciness. The smoke left a smoky, woody taste on the palate between puffs. The ash is very nice, white with lines and speck of dark grey. This cigar was smooth and mellow right from the start and the smoke was cool. In the beginning the burn was as close to a straight line as is probably possible. The ash maintained its shape nicely and was not flaky at all. The smoke off the foot held together a long time as if it was almost solid. The smoke I exhaled was the same, very slow to diffuse. About an inch in the spiciness mellowed and the cedar flavor took over along with an undertone I found hard to identify. It was slightly sweet almost like toasted bread…? The smoky aftertaste went away as well. As the smoke progressed it got even smoother. The burn wasn’t as straight but it was still even. The ash close to the burn remained white but the ash near the tip took on a brown tint. The cap held its shape and firmness thru the first third. I still haven’t tapped the ash off at this point.
2nd third-
Cedar still dominates the flavor but a citrus undertone developed. It still had a subtle sweetness to it. The smoke from the foot was still a creamy white but the smoke from the draw took on a beige tint. The different colors of the smoke made an interesting contrast as I watched it dance thru the air. The ash was still holding and was almost three inches long when I finally tapped it. It broke off rather then fell off. Probably could have waited longer to ash. The cedar flavor began to mellow and the spiciness returned. This appeared to have happened once I got past the part of the cigar that was wrapped in cedar. In the beginning I would have said this smoke was on the mild side, but it got stronger as I got further in. As I neared the end of the second third of the cigar I noticed a coffee like bitterness mixed with a peppery flavor. The subtle sweetness I detected early was gone. It was still very smooth but stronger now, less mellow. I noticed small gaps in the ash now and it was slightly flaky on the edges. The burn became slightly uneven but corrected it self quickly. Two thirds of the way thru and the cap were still firm and round. This is a very well made cigar.
Last third-
Entering the last third of this cigar I still have only ashed once. The ash was again over two inches long when I tapped it. It came off easier this time. The peppery flavor increased in strength and dominated the smoke at this point. I detected occasional hint of wood and earth. The cigar was stronger now, less smooth but still not harsh.. Since the burn corrected itself earlier it remained perfect. The smoke lost it beige tint but was still a different shade of white than the smoke from the foot. The cigar finished with a strong peppery flavor with noticeable earthy undertones. I smoked it to the nub. I never had to make a third tap of the ash. In the last third the ash was once again solid and not at all flaky.

Overall Impressions:
This was a very enjoyable medium bodied, medium strength cigar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very well constructed and beautiful to look at. This is definitely a favorite and would recommend this cigar to anyone who has enjoyed a premium cigar before. This probably not a good first time smoke for a person new to cigars.