Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers
Size: Torpedo 6.5″x54 ring

I enjoyed this full flavored cigar. I found it to be slightly spicy with woody/cedar like flavors. It was very smooth with a medium draw. I smoked this cigar with a glass of Glenfiddich Single malt scotch. I thought the scotch enhanced the flavors of the cigar. It was especially noticeable on the first puff after taking a sip of scotch. The cigar burned perfectly and had a nice firm ash that wouldn’t let go. I had about an inch and a half of ash and tried to tap it off an it would not fall. It was a very well made cigar. The Cameroon wrapper was beautiful. This is a great after dinner smoke and I will probably buy this cigar again.