Country: (Don’t Know)
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Long Filler (don’t know what kind)
Size: Toro 6″x50 ring

Another one of Nick’s Cigar World house blends…

The first time I smoked one of these I was impressed by the cigar, the second time not as much. It is a decent smoke, medium bodied, but with an unremarkable flavor. The look of the cigar is top notch. It has a beautiful buttery looking Connecticut Shade wrapper that has an oily sheen to it and has very few viens. It is near flawless. It burns perfectly, has a great medium draw and creates billows of thick white smoke. The cigar is great in every way except in flavor. The flavor isn’t bad, it’s just nothing special. I wish I had the ability to better describe what I mean but describing the flavors of a cigar is a skill I still need a lot of work on. For the price it is a good cigar, but the Cubana Select that Nick’s sells are so much better and cost even less.