Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural
Filler: Honduran Long Filler (Cuban Seed Tobacco)
Size: Robusto 5″x50 ring

Another great cigar at a great price. To start, this is a good looking smoke, well made with a handsome, simple ring. When you first light it, it has a very spicy, peppery flavor to it and comes across a little strong, but that is only temporary. After about the first inch, it mellows out into a smooth, woody flavored smoke. Mild but tasty. It has a nice medium to easy draw and creates lots of beautiful smoke. Mine started to burn uneven at first but it straightened itself out. The uneven burn may have been due to the way I lit it. I was outdoors in the breeze of a fan. This cigar has a nice grey ash that holds together fairly well. You have to tap it at about an inch and a half or risk it dropping in your lap. I was able to smoke this down to the nub and enjoyed every bit of it.

This cigar is the house blend of Nick’s Cigar World in Myrtle Beach. I can hardly wait to get down there to pick a few more of these babies up. They run about $2.75 per stick. A fantastic price for such a good smoke. I do love a bargin and vacation is just a week away.