I decided I needed to smoke a cigar last night, but I wasn’t at home and didn’t think far enough ahead to bring one from my humidor with me so I bought one. I was in the store’s humidor looking through the selection trying to decide what I wanted to smoke and I saw that they had some of the ACID cigars by Drew Estate. I had heard about these cigars and read a little about them. The tobacco used to make them is cured in special rooms full of aromatic… whatever… to give these cigars unique (some would say weird) aromas. I had thought it would be neat to try one. They sounded interesting. Well I picked one up, took a whiff of it and… Whoa! The thing reeked. Smelled like a lady wearing too much perfume. The smell was enough to scare me off last night. I wasn’t looking to be that adventurous. I just wanted a good smoke to help me relax before a game of poker. So, I didn’t buy one. Instead I just picked up a reliable, and always exceptional Excalibur. Of course it was a fantastic smoke and was exactly what I was looking for. I already shared my thoughts on this particular cigar in a previous post. This excerpt is to relay my experience with the ACID cigars. I may try a stick one day when I am in the mood for something less traditional, but the aroma of these cigars seemed so strong that it gives me pause. If anyone has tried one of these ACID cigars please share your thoughts on it. I’d like to hear from someone who has actually smoked one or two of them.