I’m just a couple weeks away from a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. A friend of mine was down there recently and he told me about a cigar shop that he said I must check out. It’s a place called Nick’s Cigar World. I added a link to their site on the left with the other cigar links. My friend told me the place is great. A huge show room and a great smoking lounge with a big screen TV and a keg of beer. Sounds like heaven. In addition to this, my friend said to try one of Nick’s house brands. Apparently one of the cigar manufacturers makes a special blend exclusively for Nick’s. I have been told it’s a premium cigar for a bargain price. I’m really looking forward to visiting the place while I’m down there. I’ll post my own thoughts on the place when I get back, but if you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, be sure to go check them out.