5 Vegas Gran Reserva 6.0×48 Saturday, Aug 27 2005 

Country:Dominican Republic
Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican Long Filler (cuban seed)
Size: Double Corona 6″x48 ring

The first few pulls on this cigar were horrible. It mellowed out a bit after that. It is a full flavored cigar. Spicy and robust but not too heavy. The flavor stayed pretty consistent down to the nub. The ash held together really well. I was out walking while smoking it and I had about two and half inches of ash that I had to tap off to get it to fall. It wasn’t a great cigar but I enjoyed it. It was a nice long smoke which made my dog happy since that equated into a nice long walk.

Dunhill Peravias 7.0×50 Sunday, Aug 21 2005 

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Brazillian/Dominican Long Filler
Size: 7″x50 Ring

This is a monster smoke. Took an hour and a half to burn this one down. That was an hour and a half of ecstasy. I smoked this cigar last night after I got knocked out of a poker tournament one position shy of the final table. It made for a great consolation prize. It was a mild to medium bodied smoke. It had a good classic cigar flavor with oak and cedar undertones. The draw was perfect. Not too loose and not too tight. The smoke was a thick creamy white smoke that danced gracefully through the air, holding together for a good amount of time before dissipating. It had a dark grey ash, and I was surprised it didn’t hold better than it did. The cigar was beautiful and you could tell it was very well made. The wrapper was near flawless and had a silky, buttery look to it. So I was surprised when I had to tap it with only an inch or so of ash on the tip or risk it falling into my lap. It was like that for the whole cigar. Everything else about this cigar was perfect. I got this cigar from a friend on a trade. I think I may have gotten the better half of that exchange.

5 Vegas Gold 5.0×50 Sunday, Aug 21 2005 

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Filler: Honduran Long Filler (aged 5 years)
Size: Robusto 5″x50 ring

If you haven’t caught on yet, by now you realize I tend to gravitate towards the more mild side of cigars. While the 5 Vegas Gold is mild when compared to a lot of the Naturals or Maduros out there, it is definitely not short on flavor. This cigar is usually touted as a mild smoke and I can tell why, but I think it is closer to a medium bodied smoke. This cigar is full of flavor yet it doesn’t sit heavy on your palette. This would make a great everyday smoke. There is no break-in period with this stick. From the second you light it you get a tasty yet mellow draw. It burns near perfect and you can smoke it to the nub without it getting overly harsh. It creates plenty of thick smoke and the ash holds firm. I had about 2 inches of ash before my first tap and then I only tapped it because I was nervous about getting ash on my friend’s nice poker table. It didn’t fall off; I had to knock it off. This was the 3rd in a fiver I picked up on C-Bid. I can say after three of these suckers, that it is a good consistent smoke, and it isn’t too hard on the ‘ole wallet either.

The 5 Vegas Gold isn’t as exceptional as the Excalibur, but then it doesn’t carry its price tag either. I think this cigar is definitely better than the Cu-Avanas (which are a good smoke for the price) and the 5 Vegas Gold is less than a dollar more per stick than the Cu-Avannas. I think it may be worth the extra money to replace the Cu-Avannas as my favorite cheap smoke with these 5 Vegas Golds. They have more flavor and smoke as well or better.

Cubana Select 5.0×50 Saturday, Aug 20 2005 

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural
Filler: Honduran Long Filler (Cuban Seed Tobacco)
Size: Robusto 5″x50 ring

Another great cigar at a great price. To start, this is a good looking smoke, well made with a handsome, simple ring. When you first light it, it has a very spicy, peppery flavor to it and comes across a little strong, but that is only temporary. After about the first inch, it mellows out into a smooth, woody flavored smoke. Mild but tasty. It has a nice medium to easy draw and creates lots of beautiful smoke. Mine started to burn uneven at first but it straightened itself out. The uneven burn may have been due to the way I lit it. I was outdoors in the breeze of a fan. This cigar has a nice grey ash that holds together fairly well. You have to tap it at about an inch and a half or risk it dropping in your lap. I was able to smoke this down to the nub and enjoyed every bit of it.

This cigar is the house blend of Nick’s Cigar World in Myrtle Beach. I can hardly wait to get down there to pick a few more of these babies up. They run about $2.75 per stick. A fantastic price for such a good smoke. I do love a bargin and vacation is just a week away.

A new smoke tonight… Friday, Aug 19 2005 

I plan on trying a new smoke tonight before my poker game. The same friend that recommended I go check out Nick’s Cigar World while I am down in Myrtle Beach later this month gave me one of Nick’s “house blends” to try. It is called Cubana Select. It was described to me as an excellent mild to medium bodied smoke. If it is as good as advertised, it will be made even sweeter by the fact that these sticks come in under $3 bucks a piece. Another step towards my quest to find the best cheap cigar out there 🙂

I’ll post my review of the cigar sometime tomorrow.

ACID by Drew Estate… Wednesday, Aug 17 2005 

I decided I needed to smoke a cigar last night, but I wasn’t at home and didn’t think far enough ahead to bring one from my humidor with me so I bought one. I was in the store’s humidor looking through the selection trying to decide what I wanted to smoke and I saw that they had some of the ACID cigars by Drew Estate. I had heard about these cigars and read a little about them. The tobacco used to make them is cured in special rooms full of aromatic… whatever… to give these cigars unique (some would say weird) aromas. I had thought it would be neat to try one. They sounded interesting. Well I picked one up, took a whiff of it and… Whoa! The thing reeked. Smelled like a lady wearing too much perfume. The smell was enough to scare me off last night. I wasn’t looking to be that adventurous. I just wanted a good smoke to help me relax before a game of poker. So, I didn’t buy one. Instead I just picked up a reliable, and always exceptional Excalibur. Of course it was a fantastic smoke and was exactly what I was looking for. I already shared my thoughts on this particular cigar in a previous post. This excerpt is to relay my experience with the ACID cigars. I may try a stick one day when I am in the mood for something less traditional, but the aroma of these cigars seemed so strong that it gives me pause. If anyone has tried one of these ACID cigars please share your thoughts on it. I’d like to hear from someone who has actually smoked one or two of them.

Pending Trip to Myrtle Beach Friday, Aug 5 2005 

I’m just a couple weeks away from a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. A friend of mine was down there recently and he told me about a cigar shop that he said I must check out. It’s a place called Nick’s Cigar World. I added a link to their site on the left with the other cigar links. My friend told me the place is great. A huge show room and a great smoking lounge with a big screen TV and a keg of beer. Sounds like heaven. In addition to this, my friend said to try one of Nick’s house brands. Apparently one of the cigar manufacturers makes a special blend exclusively for Nick’s. I have been told it’s a premium cigar for a bargain price. I’m really looking forward to visiting the place while I’m down there. I’ll post my own thoughts on the place when I get back, but if you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, be sure to go check them out.

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