Welcome to my cigar journal. I have been keeping notes on the cigars I smoke for about a year now. I have a little leather bound journal which I would tape the cigar rings in and then jot down my thoughts on that particular cigar right below the ring. I’m somewhat of an IT geek and it occurred to my that my pen and paper cigar journal, while nostalgic, was a bit low tech for me. I really do enjoy writing in that journal and will probably continue to do so, but the IT geek in me figured it would be fun to start an electronic journal that others can see and comment on. The very definition of a blog I think. So here it is. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Although primarily a cigar journal, there will come a time, I am sure, that I’ll get off topic and discuss things like sports or poker. Lets be honest. What goes better with sports or poker than a really good cigar.

So I hope you like my little web site and that it takes off as a nice secluded corner of the web where we can all enjoy some good discussion on cigars.

Thanks for visiting.